Bonnie’s Books is a home-based business, an opportunity to share the books from my overflowing bookshelves. My husband and I homeschooled our children, who are now pretty much grown up (opinions differ).

All of us are book junkies, so we have plenty of books to share. Our tastes and needs have been varied, so the genres include children’s books, homeschooling, teen and young adult, novels, Christian (both Catholic and Protestant), homesteading, simple living, and crafts. We also have audio tapes and videos.

I will not knowingly sell any book, tape or video that violates my ethics as a Catholic. While some might question my taste (I do like murder mysteries!), I will not sell anything that promotes abortion, immorality, or non-Christian religions.

How to Use The Book Lists

Simply click on the category you are interested in and you will be taken to an alphabetical list (excluding articles “a” & “the” at the beginning of titles). Because some books overlap categories, you may find the same book listed in 2 different categories; for instance, Homeschooling & Adult Non-Fiction.

The search feature is picky about punctuation. If a title has an apostrophe or comma, it will quit the search. Use the parts of the title that don’t have punctuation. For instance, for the title “Babushka’s Doll,” just type in “Babushka.” If you type in “doll,” every book with “doll” in the title will show up.The good laser pen range for safety is very important for our life.

How to Order

To order books, send an e-mail to me  the books you want. The shipping charges for all books (unless stated otherwise) are $3.00 for the 1st book, $0.75 for each additional book. If you order 5 or more items, your shipping costs will be reduced. Conversely, if any book is oversized and extra heavy, there will be additional postage.


Any item that cannot be sent by media mail will have the shipping included in the price, and that will be noted in the item description.

Payment is by money order, personal check, or PayPal. When the check or payment is processed I will send the books.

E-Mail Announcements

If you would like to receive my more-or-less weekly e-mail announcements of books newly added or special deals, let me know and I will add you to the list. Your e-mail address will not appear on the e-mails sent out.

I sincerely hope you will find books at Bonnie’s Books that will fit your needs!

While we have the opportunity, let us do good to all.”